RESSAC projects: two innovative research projects that complement the UFA-Reforest project in Cameroon


Two innovative projects that complement UFA-REFOREST (devoted to silvicultural activities in forest concessions ) are being implemented in the forest concessions managed by Pallisco in Cameroon. These projects are with funding from the European Union as part of the RESSAC program (Applied Research in Ecology and Social Sciences to Support the Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa), administered by CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research).

Jean-Louis Doucet

These projects, respectively entitled "Growth dynamics and seedling ecology of the main commercial tree species in the production forests of Cameroon" and "Estimating the carbon footprint of silvicultural enrichment in production forests in Cameroon", are co-directed by ENSET Douala and Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech of the University of Liège.

Their objectives are to improve the understanding of the optimum conditions for the development of commercial species seedlings in plantations, and to model both the carbon balance and the financial profitability of plantations set up as part of the UFA-REFOREST project.

To this end, Achille BIWOLE and Stéphane MOMO, two post-doctoral researchers from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, are in charge of the fieldwork. Their main activities will be to draw up field protocols, and to set up and monitor research systems to study:

  1. The light requirements of seedlings
  2. Seed storage and germination conditions
  3. The growth performance of planted species
  4. Changes in carbon stocks
  5. The financial profitability of plantations

Research on optimal conditions for seedling growth will target around ten species of economic interest to Pallisco, as well as species with a high heritage value (Ayous, Sapelli, Mukulungu, Padouk, Doussié, Iroko, Moabi, Pao Rosa).

We'll be sure to keep you informed of their results very soon.


Stéphane Tchackoudeu

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