Support for the revitalisation of professional associations in the forestry and timber sector in the Republic of Congo


Under the facilitation of the ATIBT, the Union patronale des entreprises privées de la filière bois (UNIBOIS) renews its governing bodies.


With the support of ATIBT Congo through the Private Sector Support Project in the Republic of Congo, financed by the European Union, the general meeting of the Union patronale des entreprises privées de la filière bois (UNIBOIS) held on 3 November in Pointe-Noire ended with the setting up of the union's executive committee.

The general meeting provided an opportunity to take stock of the implementation of the ATIBT - UNIBOIS roadmap, and more specifically, the UNIBOIS change support activity.

Martial Fouty, outgoing president of UNIBOIS, was re-elected to head the organisation's national committee. He is assisted in his duties by Cyprien Lembele, the vice-chairman. Jean Louvosso is general secretary, while Pierre Ngoma Makosso and Ngono Teli are general treasurer and rapporteur respectively.

The audit team has also been set up. Vallienne Pamela is president, while Alain Raoul Koumba and Naason Boueya are treasurer and rapporteur respectively.

Alain Bertin TIOTSOP, representing ATIBT Congo, attended the AGM as facilitator and observer.

On taking office, Martial Fouty, the re-elected president, urged member companies to show solidarity, cohesion, hard work and responsibility by paying their dues and other obligations inherent in the smooth running of the organisation. "With the adoption of the legislative and regulatory reforms underway in the forestry sector," he said, "it is imperative that our corporation be reinvigorated and become stronger in order to respond effectively to the challenges facing it.

The minutes of the General Meeting held on 8 October 2022 were also adopted.




Country representative : Alain TIOTSOP

tel : +242 05 592 04 60

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