Support for project managers and contracting authorities in drawing up special technical specifications: call for feedback


The ATIBT is calling for contributions for the drafting of support documents for the preparation of invitations to tender involving tropical timber.

Crédit WIJMA

The "special technical specifications - CCTP" project is financed by the PPECF and co-financed by the ATIBT. The CCTP (special technical specifications) is a contractual document that sets out the technical clauses required to carry out the contract services.

The aim is to draw up guidelines, in the form of a guide, for the special technical specifications of construction contracts or contracts for the provision of technical assistance. The goal is to support the specification of tropical timber in contracts.

The project is being implemented by the ATIBT, the National Center for the Development of Timber (CNDB) and Frédéric Anquetil. The documents produced will be available in 2024 and are subject to review by the Timber material & Normalization Commission and the Marketing Commission prior to publication. Documents are available on request from the Director of the ATIBT, who can be contacted at for review and suggestions.

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