WWF presents its new wood risk tool as part of its "Forests Forward" project


WWF organized a webinar last week to present its new Wood Risk Tool. The session was the first of a series entitled "Forward Thinking for Forests", which brings together companies and other stakeholders.


WWF Wood Risk Tool 


The development of this tool is part of WWF's Forests Forward corporate program. It focuses on three issues: sustainable forest management, responsible sourcing and investment in forest landscapes.

The Wood Risk Tool aims to help companies purchasing wood to assess, understand and manage the risks associated with wood harvesting and trade, in order to develop a responsible market. The tool is designed as a platform gathering information from a variety of sources on risk assessment by species and country. It will include EUDR benchmarking when it becomes available. By consolidating and clarifying information from a number of respected, independent, international and specialist sources, the Wood Risk Tool is a practical platform for assessing and understanding wood risk. It also helps users to manage this risk by offering WWF's recommended and proven approaches to responsible sourcing.

  • Origin risk: the tool provides information and resources for many producer countries, including information provided by WWF experts in these countries, as well as links to country profiles developed by other organizations. It also consolidates and presents scores and risk assessments from other public sources. For a list of these sources and resources, see the Understand risk section.

  • Species risk: the tool includes species on the CITES endangered species list or the IUCN red list. It also goes further, providing information on species that are still abundant, but are heavily traded and threatened by illegal logging. The methodology for identifying these species can also be found in the Understand risk section.


The platform also includes other tools and resources, listed in the About section.

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