ASP Congo: a workshop to rethink communication in the forest-wood sector and equip companies with tools


A workshop was held in Brazzaville on Thursday 7 March to review the work carried out by the communications agency Afrique Environnement Plus, attended by a dozen participants, including companies from the sector. The new website for the Congolese forest-wood industry (which will shortly be the subject of a dedicated article) and a communication checklist developed as part of the ASP Congo project were presented.

ATIBT Congo is continuing to mobilise stakeholders around a communication strategy for the forest-timber sector. The first step was to commission Afrique Environnement Plus to carry out an in-depth study of the communication context in the private forestry and timber sector. The main objectives of this mission were to identify the right communication vectors and to propose relevant mechanisms for mobilising existing tools to serve the sector's communication needs.

After meeting and exchanging information with a large number of stakeholders, Afrique Environnement Plus produced an initial draft strategy for optimising the sector's communication. At the workshop on 7 March, this draft was submitted to stakeholders for review and input before final validation. The overall aim of the workshop was to validate the study, so that the communication strategy could be properly implemented at both individual and collective levels for the companies.


More specifically, the workshop aimed to:

  • Publicise the ATIBT's communication tools and its Fair&Precious programme to the stakeholders invited to the workshop;
  • Examine and enrich the in-depth study of the communication context of the forest-wood industry;
  • Examine, enrich and validate the communication channels/vectors proposed in the study;
  • Examine, complete and validate the communication mechanisms proposed in the study.


The stakeholders were very satisfied with the study, the website that was presented and the communication checklist, which we are also sharing in this article.


Download the communication checklist 


Over the coming weeks, we'll be continuing to share the progress and deliverables of the ASP Congo project, now in its final stretch!


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