ADEFAC Project: Organisational diagnostics for training institutions


The institutions and training centres that are partners in the ADEFAC project are receiving support to better integrate continuing vocational training into their training routines.

Photo de famille de l'atelier de diagnostic organisationnel du CFEP de Nkok

Following the initial organisational assessments carried out by andragogues consultants, the ADEFAC project's technical team took it upon itself to carry out organisational assessments of the vocational training institutions and/or technical teaching establishments that are partners in the project.

In order to improve the skills of those involved in the forestry and wood industry, the organisational capacities of training institutions are central to the establishment of a sustainable, high-quality continuing vocational training (CVT) system. The development of this CVT offer can only be done with trainers trained in andragogy and the skills approach, because the training institution must integrate CVT into its training offer and this requires setting up a dedicated organisation.

The participants in this organisational diagnosis are the directors, administrative and financial staff, training and professional integration managers and teachers.

The organisational diagnosis of the Centre de formation et d'enseignement professionnel (CFEP) de Nkok in Gabon, Artisan au féminin and Don Bosco Ebolowa in Cameroon, consisted in assessing the organisational capacities of these training institutes with a view to giving them the capacity to self-evaluate and appropriate the main quality management tools for CVT.

These organisational diagnoses are carried out using a participatory approach, during which the Training Institute staff analyses the self-evaluation form filled in beforehand in plenary session, discuss the context and data on their training activities, and add to the basic data. The analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats enables the participants to gain a better understanding of their strengths and existing risks, and to plan ahead to improve their performance.

The year 2024 will focus mainly on action training, enabling the implementation of the continuous training modules developed by the trainers trained by the ADEFAC project.

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