ASP Congo project: a webinar on Forest Certification and the EUDR and CITES: what approach for forestry companies in Congo?


A panel of experts from the ATIBT met with some fifteen representatives of forestry companies during a webinar held on 21 March to discuss the issues and requirements of PAFC BC certification, the EUDR and CITES.

The webinar began with a speech by Alain Tiotsop, representative of ATIBT Congo, who thanked the participants for attending and set the scene for the event.

ATIBT CITES expert Franck Monthe then took the floor to give his presentation entitled: "Implementation of CITES in Central Africa: the case of the Republic of Congo".


This first presentation focused on the following points:

  • General information on CITES
  • COP 19 Panama: listing of new species in Appendix 2 of CITES
  • Implementation of CITES in the Republic of Congo: compliance with the Convention and marketing of species listed in Appendix II.


This was followed by a number of questions from participants seeking clarification on the methodology for drawing up stakeholder reports, and on the export and import of CITES species.

The second presentation, on the EUDR, was given by Caroline Duhesme, Director of Innovation and Strategy at the ATIBT. It focused on the specific features of the EUDR, the EUTR, due diligence, the role of certification in the EUDR, and the main sources and platforms of information on the EUDR.

The final presentation was given by Thomas Seyvet, an expert on the PEFC certification scheme. It focused on the specific features of the PAFC Congo Basin standard, the challenges and opportunities involved, and the steps to be taken to become involved in this process.

After around 1h15mn of presentation and discussion, some participants expressed their satisfaction, before the closing remarks by the ATIBT Congo representative.