Press release of our partner PAFC Gabon : The forest certification PACF GABON continues its development and commitment to the Gabonese forests. By Rose ONDO, President of PAFC GABON


PAFC Gabon, national certification system for sustainable forest management, works for the future of forests and sustainable development of Gabon.

As a member of the international PEFC forest certification alliance, PAFC Gabon continues its development by organizing training for Gabonese companies in order to raise their awareness of the principles of the PEFC chain of custody. This guarantees that a wood product comes from sustainably managed forests.

PAFC Gabon (Pan-African Forest Certification) is the forest certification system that attests to the good forest management of Gabonese forests.

It was developed in 2005 by the Gabonese forest-wood sector with the support of national and international experts.

PAFC Gabon was recognized by the PEFC alliance in 2009, allowing PAFC Gabon-certified wood to be internationally recognized under the PEFC label and can be used by companies with a PEFC chain of custody throughout the world (Europe, America, China, India etc …)

With more than 300 million hectares of certified forests in more than 40 countries, PEFC is the world leader in forest certification. In Gabon, 596,822 hectares are already PEFC certified.

The first sustainable forest management certificate PAFC Gabon was issued in 2018 to the company PRECIOUS WOODS and was followed by two PEFC chain of custody certificates to ensure traceability between the certified forest concession and timber products.
PAFC Gabon continues its development by organizing this January 24, 2019 training in the chain of control and traceability PEFC for forestry companies Gabonese. This training aims to raise awareness of the principles governing the PEFC chain of custody and its economic interest in the international timber trade. The PEFC chain of custody ensures that a product with the PEFC label comes from a sustainably managed forest.
Business training is a commitment made by PAFC Gabon during the forum on the generalization of the certification of activities of the forest-wood sector in Gabon from 22 to 23 November 2018.


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