Cameroon : Done! a FLEGT-Certification Referent for GFBC


In Cameroon, the GFBC, which is a partner of ATIBT in the implementation of FLEGT projects, confirmed on 3 April as FLEGT-Certification Referent, Mr. Fousséni FETEKE. His main mission is to to support the Delegate General, Mr. Valentin MOUYENGA, in the coordination of activities related to FLEGT REDD + mechanisms, and  forest certification

Mr. FETEKE has more than 15 years of experience in the field of forest management in the tropics, particularly in the Congo Basin (Cameroon, Gabon, DRC) and therefore has a very good knowledge of logging companies and the implementation of the certification process. He is very familiar with the forest sector in Cameroon and has good links with the administration, civil society and some of donors.

Mr Feteke’s role will be to represent the FLEGT projects in Cameroon, and to animate and coordinate the activities of these projects at national level. He will train the stakeholders in the implementation of the FLEGT VPA, and the EUTR, will develop FLEGT-related service tools. He will also contribute to the activities of the program of promotion of the certified forest exploitation (PPCFE) at the level of Cameroon by providing close assistance to the various interested parties. He will identify forestry companies interested in the third-party verified certification and will carry out with PPECF team the missions of diagnosics of legality and coaching

 GFBC is a sectoral employer organization representing forest and industrial companies.

Involved for a long time in FLEGT, process, GFBC has already set up an interprofessional organization of the forest-wood sector (IFFB). Ithas 4 departments with actors each representing several professional associations: departments of wood traders (WS), carpenters and cabinetmakers (CC), semi-industrial SME-SMI (SME-SMI SI) and industrial exporting companies (IE) including the GFBC.

The ATIBT, together with its partners UFIGA, GFBC, FIB and SPIB, are awarded three grant contracts to better involve the private sector in the FLEGT and REDD + mechanisms. Their titles and sources of funding are:

1. « Integration of the tropical timber sector of Central and West Africa into the FLEGT-REDD mechanisms» financed by the French Global Environment Founds (FFEM in French)

2. « Strengthening the capacities of the professional associations of the private forest sector of Central and West Africa to allow a better integration of the latter in the FLEGT Action Plan» financed by the European Union (EU)

3. « Improved consideration of third-party verified certification in FLEGT-REDD processes » financed by the KFW Bankengruppe via PPECF-COMIFAC. This program only applies to Central Africa.