Results of the 2019 Election for seven FSC Board Members


The FSC Secretariat on behalf of the FSC Board of Directors held elections for seven seats of the FSC In-ternational Board of Directors.

The call for candidates was launched on 04 November 2018 and votes were held from 21 June to 6 September.

On 11 September in Bonn, the electoral commission met to record and count the votes.

The elected members of the FSC International Board of Directors will take office on 1 January 2020.

One Southern Social Seat

  • Zandra Martinez elected

One Northern Social Seat

  • Linda Fienberg elected

One Southern Environmental Seat

  • Carla Ximena Cardenas elected

One Northern Environmental Seat

  • Per Larsson elected

Two Southern Economic Seat

  • Ivone Satsuki Namikawa elected
  • Ralph Schmidt-Liermann re-elected

One Northern Economic Seat

  • Janne Näräkkä elected

Focus on the Southern Economic seats :