Preferred by Nature provides short video trainings on EUTR

Preferred by Nature offers free access to videos to inform importers and marketers about the rules and issues of the EUTR.

Crédits : Preferred by Nature

The LIFE Legal Wood project has launched a series of videos, which has been developed to help explain some of the key elements relevant to the EUTR.

The four videos touch upon the following topics: 

Each video gives a basic introduction to the specific topic. The videos aim to provide companies based in the European Union with information about the EUTR that will support them in their process of implementing and complying with the regulation. 

On, you will also be able to find a range of recorded webinar presentations that provides you with a more in-depth introduction to topics such as the EUTR, due diligence, certification and the upcoming EU Regulation on Deforestation-free products (EUDR). 

The LIFE Legal Wood project has also developed two short introduction videos:

The EUTR was put into force in 2013 with the aim of fighting trade of illegal timber. It requires that all European companies that import and place wood or wooden products on the European market must be able to document that the wood is legally harvested.

For more information on EUTR, visit  

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