FSC launches a consultation and invites for a webinar on the 29th November on motion 23

As part of the implementation of Motion 23 (improve IFL protection using landscape approach), the FSC launches a consultation and invites for webinar on the 29th November.

We encourage FSC members and stakeholders to respond to the consultation and take part in the webinar.

Since the adoption of the Motion 23 “Use landscape-wide approaches adapted to local conditions and strengthen Standard Development Groups (SDGs) to improve protection of Intact Forest Landscapes”, the FSC is developing the Focus Forest project to implement this motion. In last months FSC shared with members and interested stakeholders a Briefing Note which contains a summary of the process and steps to implement Motion 23/2020 (here attached in all 4 languages). FSC is inviting interested members and stakeholders to participate in a short questionnaire to gather feedback on fundamental concepts that will guide the implementation of Motion 23.


Briefing note in English

Briefing note in Portuguese

Briefing note in French

Briefing note in Spanish


This questionnaire will be open from 10 November until Sunday 3 December 2023.


Access the questionnaire 


Please log in to the FSC consultations platform first. This questionnaire is only accessible through this link and can be shared with anyone interested in participating. Please refer to the supporting documents when responding to the questionnaire.

To learn more about the implementation of Motion 23 and the Briefing Note, FSC invites all FSC members and stakeholders to join one of the two identical webinars scheduled for Wednesday 29 November at:


*With simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and French. 


A first version of guidelines presented in the briefing note should be made available to SDGs in the upcoming weeks.



At the 2022 General Assembly, FSC members recognised the challenges of implementing the IFL requirements by approving Motion 23/2020 and the associated Implementation Note, which call for a review and revision of the current approach.

Motion 23:2020 allows one year to assess and review the current approach to IFL conservation and enable the SDGs to identify and recommend improvements. To this end, the FSC is implementing the Focus Forest project, which was initiated before the FSC General Assembly. Last August, the FSC Board approved the use of a pilot approach that allows SDGs to use new guidelines in real-life situations, i.e. for existing certificates and for new certifications, and to define IFL indicators that will subsequently be incorporated into the FSC's normative framework. This enables companies that are already certified to implement future new requirements.

While the revision of the normative framework is expected to be completed by 2026, thanks to the pilot trials, the SDGs will be able to implement a landscape approach process to protect and manage IFL, enabling the consistent certification of management units before that date. The pilot tests will enable the implementation of draft requirements that may lead to the temporary use of FSC trademarks in the labelling and promotion of FSC-certified products.

The guidelines that will be used by the SDGs to propose IFL indicators will soon be in the consultation phase. The finalisation of the procedures is then planned for the end of 2024: they will be integrated into the Pilot and used in real situations, before being incorporated into the normative framework by 2025/2026.