Responsible chocolate for the holiday season

For the holiday season, companies can buy chocolate boxes from Ecocoa, a Belgian chocolate factory owned by Eticwood and Durwood and Fair&Precious partner.


Ecocoa's "bean to bar" chocolate is produced from beans grown near Pallisco's FSC-certified concessions. The project is based on a social and environmental approach, aimed at supporting the economic development of forest communities while preserving biodiversity.

Ecocoa chocolate is an example of an innovative agroforestry project based on a model of collaboration between village communities, a forestry company and a chocolate factory.

Ecocoa :

  • works in the plantation to guarantee 100% deforestation-free cocoa origin;

  • controls each stage of processing without intermediaries to guarantee the traceability and authenticity of the chocolate;

  • works on the field with the producers to guarantee them a fair income and to support them in implementing sustainable crop.

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For the holiday season, Ecocoa is proposing companies boxes of its different chocolates.


Discover the "Pure Origine" box


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