Survey to identify good practice in biodiversity

The aim of this survey is to identify good practices to be implemented in forest concessions to conserve biodiversity.

As part of the Paysage Forestier Nord Congo (PPFNC) project, WCS is supervising the drafting of a guide to good practices in biodiversity conservation for non-conservation stakeholders in northern Congo, with the overall aim of promoting a landscape approach to biodiversity.

Nature+ is responsible for producing the guide. We would like you to take 5 minutes to fill in the form below, the aim of which is to list the best practices as exhaustively as possible. Answers are anonymous, but you can indicate your contact if you wish.


Access to the form


In a second stage, the most relevant and innovative practices will be identified and specific technical data sheets developed for these practices. It is also possible to take part in this stage.

Responses are expected by 15 February at the latest.


Thank you for your contribution!

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