Timber Trade Portal: the one-stop EUTR information platform



ATIBT and the ETTF (European Timber Trade Federation) have concluded an agreement to merge together their respective websites providing information necessary for the exercise of due diligence in the context of an application of the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation).


As the two websites ( developed by Form International for the ETTF, thanks to funding from the ITTO and the STTC programme, and developed by Folcomedia for ATIBT, thanks to funding from the FFEM and France’s Ministry of Agriculture) feature similarities and pursue the same objective, the newly merged platform will allow people to consult precise and reliable information on the legal trade of timber in each producer country.


The unique platform, accessible on the Timber Trade portal, will integrate the information available on ATIBT’s website. Soon available in both English and French, the site offers country sheets (23 to date, covering areas in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Eastern Europe), and provides general information and data on each country’s legal framework and governance situation.


It also includes information and data on the timber market, and explanations on the institutional mechanisms in place to combat illegal timber, such as the EUTR, the Lacey Act (US) and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation (AILPR). The maintenance of the website, as well as its updates and the monitoring of the information quality, are possible thanks to ATIBT’s FLEGT projects, which are funded by the European Union and the FFEM.


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