Web meeting of the Agroforestry group of the Cité du Développement Durable


Agroforestry is making a strong comeback in many forums and projects because of the benefits offered by this model. At the initiative of the actors of the Cité du Développement of Nogent sur Marne, a first meeting of the « agroforestry group » of the Cité took place on 25 April 2018 with the aim of meeting around a common theme: agroforestry. This first meeting was attended by ONFI, Kinomé, CIRAD, Fair Trade and ATIBT. This was followed in 2019 by a presence at the World Agroforestry Congress in Montpellier, which was very stimulating for the group.

This year, despite an unprecedented context, a meeting via Zoom was held on April 30, this time bringing together about 18 people, again mainly from the Cité, but also from other horizons.

A l’ordre du jour, nous avions deux interventions :

1- Eric Penot, moderated a power point presenting CIRAD’s projects for the year 2020.

The main points to emerge from it are as follows:

  • Few projects include the timber dimension,
    • the subject of tree ownership is frequent. 
    • Assisted natural regeneration with a project in the CAR, a subject currently being considered throughout the Congo Basin. 
    • The interest of working on niche markets, illustrated by the example of very high quality coffee which has a real added value.
    • The importance of involving all stakeholders in the landscape.

2- Elsa Sanial, led the presentation of the « Guide for forest companies to assist them in setting up agroforestry projects » carried out within the framework of the project « Integration of the tropical timber sector in Central and West Africa in the FLEGT and REDD+ mechanisms » led by ATIBT and financed by the FGEF.

 We noted in particular

  • Opportunities in Côte d’Ivoire and the Congo Basin for forestry companies (compensatory reforestation, renewal of a resource, establishment of partnerships with other actors, diversification of economic activities, etc.).
    • 4 types of partnerships: nucleus model, contractual model, local development model and sector model
    • Technical and financial partners who can support agroforestry projects carried out by forestry companies.
    • Reflections on certification systems, today there is no private certification system that covers cocoa and timber trees. However, certification labels are interested in these reflections (pilot project phase).

The participants in this web meeting were :

  • Eric Penot, Cirad
  • Elsa Sanial et Jérôme Laporte, Eticwood
  • Myriam Mackiewics, AVSF
  • Mélanie Moussours, Inter-réseaux Développement rural
  • Barbara Haurez, Université Gembloux
  • Manon Lelarge et Mathilde Brochant, Commerce Equitable France
  • Pierre Emmanuel Leclerc et Anaïs Denardou, ONFI 
  • Judicaël Fétiveau, Gret :
  • Francesco Oddo, V’il fertile 
  • Yohan Faré, Kinomé
  • Hervé Bourguignon et Oriane Plédran , Moringa 
  • Véronique Rossow, consultante

Subsequently, it is planned to formalize this reflection group to make meetings more regular and to promote convergence and partnerships between our structures on the common subject of agroforestry.