ATIBT welcomes RIFFEAC !


The Réseau des Institutions de formation forestière et environnementale de l’Afrique Centrale* (RIFFEAC) had signed a partnership agreement with the ATIBT in 2018 and wished to become also a member of our association.

Professor Claude KACHAKA SUDI KAIKO Regional Coordinator of the RIFFEAC

The Board of Directors of the ATIBT recently validated RIFFEAC’s application for membership of the ATIBT. Thus, this institution will enrich the debates concerning vocational training within our association.

Our association and the RIFFEAC know each other well, since for almost 2 years now, the two organisations have been working together to implement the ADEFAC project following the feasibility study financed by AFD.

Created in Libreville in 2001, and now based in Yaoundé, RIFFEAC has been a partner of COMIFAC since 2006 and has as its mandate the implementation of transversal axis no.1 of COMIFAC’s revised Convergence Plan on capacity building, namely training, research and communication.

Professor Claude KACHAKA SUDI KAIKO Regional Coordinator of the RIFFEAC, offers us in the attached document, an overview of the activities of the RIFFEAC over the last few years.

* Network of Forestry and Environmental Training Institutions in Central Africa


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