Leroy Merlin Spain and the COPADE foundation promote certified timber


Leroy-Merlin participates in the Madera Justa project with the COPADE foundation.

Madera Justa is a label that guarantees that the labelled timber is from fair trade. Led by COPADE, the project promotes the responsible consumption of forest products, such as paper or wood, certified by the Madera Justa label and the FSC label. The project aims to make the label known to companies, public administrations, NGOs, research centers and society in general.

The partnership with Leroy Merlin Spain aims to promote timber that combines environmental and social qualities and is both FSC and Madera Justa certified: it aims to develop a range of garden products made from sustainable wood harvested by local producers in Guatemala.

According to Leroy Merlin Spain, 60% of Spanish consumers attach importance to the origin of the timber they buy and its impact on the environment. This partnership should help develop a responsible market between Guatemala and Spain, and contribute to improving the income of Guatemalan forest populations.

To learn more about the Madera Justa project, click here.

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