Discover a range of 60 tropical timber species on the Fair&Precious website


The Fair&Precious website has been enriched for a few months with new contents on the different African timbers.

This work has a double objective: to improve the visibility of the Fair&Precious and ATIBT websites, and to promote FSC and PEFC-PAFC certified wood from the Congo Basin. Sixty species are presented on the Fair&Precious website in order to inform the general public about the characteristics and qualities of tropical timbers.

Each species has a specific page, which presents the tree, its geographical distribution, and especially the uses of the wood and its characteristics in terms of natural durability, resistance, etc. Links are provided to the Tropix sheets developed by CIRAD, as well as to the website The idea of these species pages is to offer popularized content accessible to the greatest number of people, while referring to more scientific and technical sources. In addition to the Tropix sheets, the book Les arbres utiles du Gabon, the Tropical Timber Atlas and NumBA, the CIRAD online library, are the main sources of these "species sheets".

Of the sixty species pages on the site, nearly forty are now complete and already show a wide range of tropical woods and their uses. The species pages that are not yet fully completed offer for the moment a brief overview of the tree and the uses of the wood; all the species will be finalized by the end of the summer. Eventually, the Fair&Precious website will feature sixty species of African wood, from abura to zingana, working to provide information on certified tropical timber and its qualities as a natural and sustainable material.

The ATIBT website also includes these species sheets, which are part of its media library.

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