13 job-competence sheets already validated by the actors of the forestry sector in Congo


The Technical Execution Team (TET) of the ADEFAC project, after the elaboration of the job-competence sheets in each country of the project (Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and DRC), is now working on the validation of these sheets by the actors of the professional organizations and companies of the forest-wood sector.


The regional dimension of the project led the TET to divide the tasks by country: Gabon was responsible for examining the job descriptions for wood processing, Cameroon focused on crafts and Congo on sustainable forest management.

In Congo, the validation meeting of the job sheets, led by Alain TSIOTSOP (Technical Assistant) took place on July 12, 2021 via Zoom with the participation of 5 companies out of 6 of the UNICONGO federation:

  • Pascal BERENGER (Mokabi – Rougier)
  • Patrick GEFFROY (IFO – Interholco)
  • Grégoire NKEOUA (UNICONGO)
  • Francesco FLORES (Likouala Timber)
  • Vincent ISTACE (CIB – Olam)
  • Jean François PEROTEAU (Thanry Congo)

Of the 14 job sheets presented, 13 were validated after some amendments. The one entitled "Mechanical mechanic" was not validated, as it includes two completely different positions. It was therefore decided to distinguish between the jobs of "heavy equipment and vehicle mechanic" and "industrial and generator mechanic".

Find below the 13 jobs sheets validated (in french): 

The Congo TA, after the validation of the job sheets, outlined the next steps of the project as follows :

  • Signature of the memorandum of understanding between ATIBT and UNICONGO for the ADEFAC project, as there is already a partnership agreement between the two parties since March 2021
  • Identification of trainers
  • Training in forward-looking employment and skills management (GPEC)
  • Training of trainers

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