ADEFAC project search trainers with good experience on the ground


One of the objectives of the ADEFAC project (Support for the Development of Vocational Training for the Forestry and Timber Industry in Central Africa) is to create a pool of 200 professional trainers in Central Africa, specialized in the training topics requested by the forestry and timber industry.

200 trainers means approximately 50 trainers per project target country. As a reminder, these target countries are: Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and the DRC.

This people must be able to provide continuous vocational training. This requires not only good pedagogical skills, but also excellent field expertise and technical knowledge and skills.

For this reason, the project seeks to train not only teachers from training institutions, but also experienced professionals in areas such as sharpening, edging (analyzing the quality of cuttings), trimming (analyzing the quality of veneers), drying, finishing, road planning and construction, felling, mechanics, etc.

These people will benefit from 10 days of training of trainers in continuous vocational training based on the competency-based approach. Then, they will also receive technical support in their field of expertise to build their training module, precisely adapted to the needs of the sector.

Each company that knows a good expert, or that has a senior person who trains company employees "on the job", but who could be available on a part-time basis to also train in other companies or in training institutions, is requested to contact the project team and to transmit his or her first and last names, contact details, expertise and if possible a short CV.

Thank you very much for your collaboration, which will help to improve the supply of quality training for the forestry-timber sector in Central Africa.

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