ADEFAC: Training of trainers in pedagogical engineering and adult education, Cameroon


The activities of the ADEFAC project (Support for the Development of Continuing Education in the Forestry and Timber Sector in Central Africa) are continuing in Yaoundé with the 10-day training of trainers that has been taking place since November 22, 2021 at the Mansel Hotel.

The trainers have proven technical knowledge.

After the support-accompaniment mission of SME-VSE led by Pierre DESCOMBES and Eric HAUDIQUET from October 11 to November 4, 2021, Chantal RIEUX and Désiré NKOY, specialists in pedagogical engineering, vocational training engineering and in the Competency-Based Approach (CBA) are taking over to train the trainers of the forestry-wood sector in Cameroon.

The trainers Désiré Nkoy and Chantal Rieux

The content of the training is based on the CBA and includes: the principles of andragogy, the CBA approach, the construction of a training module based on competencies, the evaluation methods, the creation of didactic supports, etc.

23 participants, including 2 women and 21 men from forestry training institutions, the private forestry sector and community forests, follow the lessons with great interest, highlighting their knowledge and encouraging them to compare their professional practices through presentations and exchanges/discussions.

Group Work

These participants, the future trainers of actors in the forestry-wood sector (large companies or SMEs) for continuing education, are teachers and professionals in the fields of wood drying; sharpening; mechanical maintenance; sawing; carpentry and wood construction; finishing and varnishing; management of a small-scale processing unit; planning and construction of roads; conflict prevention and management.

The involvement of the private sector, community forests and training institutions in this training workshop gives rise to enriching exchanges and questions on the issue of training-job matching, on the issue of teacher/trainer recruitment policies and on the issue of professional integration.

Group Work

Already, at this level of the course of the workshop, the participants express their satisfaction with the content of the training and the pedagogical and didactic approach of the training consultants. Following this training, the trainers equipped with new knowledge will approach the representatives of the forestry-wood industry to develop continuous training modules that meet their needs. They will also receive technical support from the ADEFAC project.

A second training for another group of about 25 trainers is scheduled for 2023. 

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