Timber, the sustainable material of the 21st century


FAO has recently published a study on the capacity of wood products to replace polluting materials from fossil fuels.

Crédits : ©Bates Smart/Peter Clarke

This report analyzes the role of forest products in replacing fossil-based products with high environmental impact. The objective is to provide recommendations to support the transition from high greenhouse gas emitting materials to timber products.

To this end, this report first provides an overview of the current understanding of the bioeconomy and the role of forest products in the global bioeconomy. It presents examples of both "traditional" and more innovative forest products, describing their role in the bioeconomy.

The study also examines the understanding of the environmental impacts and benefits of substituting fossil energy products for forest products. To provide effective and concrete advices for making this transition, the report examines the current and future dynamics of wood product supply and demand, and the impact of this transition on these dynamics. They also identify potential barriers to the increased use of wood products, and gaps in the global forest value chain, in order to adapt their recommendations.

Click here to download the study.

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