Jobs in the forestry-wood sector: little known, but with many job opportunities: the proof in pictures


The actors of the forestry and wood sector now have at their disposal six video capsules on the professions of sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin.

Credit : IMAGEO

The forestry-wood sector does not generally attract vocations in the Congo basin region. However, there is a real need for skills at all levels of qualification, to meet the growing demand for quality finished wood products, as well as the desire of countries to develop further local processing.

However, the number of jobs in the sector is very high (at least 100 to 200,000 people are directly involved in the sub-region), which makes it one of the leading sectors in terms of employment.

Six video clips have been developed within the framework of the ADEFAC project to promote these jobs in the forestry-wood sector and thus encourage vocations. The diversity of trades and profiles, as well as the involvement of women, show that young boys and girls can easily invest in this professional sector after technical studies at the CAP, BEP, Baccalaureate level or higher studies at the license, master or doctorate level.

Professionals in the trades of sharpener, electromechanic and social program manager were interviewed in Gabon. Interviews with carpenters, woodworkers and finishers were conducted in Cameroon at different sites.

This communication through video clips showing the real opportunities offered by the forestry-wood sector in terms of jobs and trades will change the negative paradigms that convey a devaluing image of these trades open to all without gender discrimination.

Three capsules (sharpener, electromechanic and social program manager) are finalized and already online on the ATIBT website. The last three capsules will follow soon.

Watch the capsules

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