UFA-Reforest: 70,000 trees planted since the start of the project


Yanick Nkoulou, manager of the UFA-Reforest project (funded by the EU), presents in a video the results of the first 2023 enrichment campaign, launched in the first half.


As a reminder, the project plans to plant around 240,000 trees over a 4-year period (2022 to 2026), at a rate of around 60,000 trees each year.

During this last campaign, more than 45,000 trees were planted, spread over 14 hectares and 4,800 felling holes. 

In all, 28 ha of full plantations have been planted since the beginning of the project, and over 5,900 felling holeshave been enriched. 70,000 trees have thus been planted since last year. These results bring the mid-term completion rate to 28%, as the teams have faced a number of obstacles (notably fuel and machinery availability).

For the next steps of the project, the partners have been mobilized to reflect on the obstacles encountered to date and on solutions to overcome them. For the second campaign, due to start soon, the stock of plants in the four nurseries stands at over 100,000 plants for all species, which augurs well for the second campaign in 2023!


Watch the video

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