With ADEFAC, 8 professional organizations in the forestry and timber industry strengthen their organizational capacities


Under the ADEFAC project, the professional organizations (POs) of SMEs and craftsmen in Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and the DRC are benefiting from organizational capacity-building by the FECAPROBOIS PO.


From October to December 2023, the professional organizations Artisan au Féminin and ATBO in Cameroon, CMA, Cluster bois and AMC in Congo, FGBSP, Dynamique bois and the PO members of the Chambre Nationale des Métiers de l'Artisanat du Gabon (CNMAG) in Gabon, COPEMECO and ACEFA in the DRC will benefit from capacity building on the active operation of an association and strategies for accessing public contracts or projects.



As part of the project to support the development of continuing training in the forestry and wood industry in Central Africa (ADEFAC), and in response to the needs expressed by industry players, a capacity-building mission for POs is being carried out by the Cameroon Federation of Promoters of Secondary and Tertiary wood processing (FECAPROBOIS) in the 4 countries covered by the project.

FECAPROBOIS is a very active professional organization and a key contact for the authorities and technical and financial partners. It has set up a cooperative to supply legal timber so that it can respond to public tenders as a group and organize a production chain.

The beneficiaries of the PO capacity-building workshops are the members of the executive board and some active members of these professional organizations of SMEs and craftsmen.

The programme is spread over 2 days in each country and is based on presentations, exchanges, and discussions on the current functioning of POs, the definition of (priority) objectives, the development of an action plan and the management tools of a PO.

The workshop, which took place in Brazzaville from 24 to 25 October 2023 at the Cluster Bois, was attended by a dozen people who were delighted to meet and exchange views with members of a Cameroonian professional organization with an innovative strategic and organizational management approach. They were able to discover their potential as POs in the sector and undertook to invest more in their operation and structuring, to develop internal organizational tools and to strengthen solidarity at Congo Basin level.

The second workshop was held in Libreville from 16 to 17 November. The other two will take place in Yaoundé from 21 to 22 November and then in Kinshasa during the first half of December 2023.



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