Consult the 3rd edition of the "carnets de l'équipe France” published by AFD


The 3rd edition of the carnets de l'équipe France of AFD looks at its involvement in climate issues and the preservation of natural resources in Africa.

AFD has published the 3e edition of the carnets de l'équipe France, produced by the French Embassy in Cameroon. Each year, this newsletter focuses on a key theme. The 2023 edition focuses on actions implemented to combat climate change.

"Climate change affects us all, and no one can claim to be exempt, because the challenge is global and the stakes are common," emphasizes His Excellency Thierry MARCHAND, French Ambassador to Cameroon. Three main themes were discussed:

  1. A better understanding of living things

  2. Enabling the emergence of sustainable resource development

  3. Support adaptation measures.


These priorities can be broken down into 3 main areas outside the French context and news:


  1. France committed in Cameroon to a better understanding of life ;

  2. France committed to sustainable and inclusive management of forest resources ;

  3. France and its partners in Cameroon are committed to adapting practices and behavior to climate risks.


On page 24, the ADEFAC project is mentioned to highlight the importance of continuing vocational training in forest resource management.

Page 23 recalls the importance of scientific research for sustainable forest management and refers to the DYNAFOR and P3FAC projects (due to end in 2022).

This edition ends with a statement from the French government on renewed partnerships between France and African countries.

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