Training seminar for trainers in the wood trades: the ATIBT trains trainers in the development of wood finish modules


From 19 to 24 February 2024, the ATIBT organised a seminar in Brazzaville to support carpenter and cabinetmaker trainers in the production of wood finish modules. Twelve professionals from several towns in the Republic took part in this intensive, hands-on training course.


This training-action session is part of the project to support the development of continuing education in the forestry-wood industry in Central Africa (ADEFAC) and aims to provide learners with practical knowledge enabling them to set up continuing vocational training modules in wood finishing. A similar seminar was held in Libreville, at the BOIS BTP vocational training and education centre (CFEP) in Nkok, from 12 to 17 February 2024. Trainers from Cameroon and Gabon took part in this action-training course.



In his opening remarks in Brazzaville, Alain Bertin TIOTSOP, ATIBT's representative in Congo, outlined the challenges of this training course in terms of developing skills in the sector in the sub-region.  I would like to invite you, as practitioners in the forestry and wood sector, to take part in the discussions, to share your knowledge of the trades and skills involved... so that synergies of action emerge from this session, to be enriched and consolidated for the future".


At the end of the course, the trainees, most of whom were wood processing company promoters, expressed their satisfaction with the course and the smooth running of the work.


Already well-equipped in the teaching of their field, these wood professionals were urged by their trainers to capitalise on the lessons learnt, to finalise the training modules as soon as possible, so that a large number of joinery and cabinet-making craftsmen and SME employees can benefit from their shared expertise when these modules are rolled out. Based on requests from companies, modules will be produced on sanding machines, varnishing tools, surface preparation and various finishing products.


In closing, the representative of the ATIBT in Congo once again called on the beneficiaries of this training session to continue the group work so that the ADEFAC project can achieve its objective of contributing to the sustainable management of the forests of the Congo Basin, by improving the employability and qualifications of those involved (matching training to jobs). And finally, to take ownership of the results of the project to ensure its sustainability.


Before closing the workshop, the ATIBT Congo representative thanked the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) for its financial support, the expert trainers and all the participants for their contributions.


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