Mission of technical support to the FLEGT Congo VPA


As part of the FLEGT Congo VPA support project implemented jointly by ATIBT and FRMi, Jacqueline Lardit-Van de Pol (ATIBT) and Caroline Duhesme (ATIBT) carried out a technical support mission at the end of May.

The contribution of ATIBT in this partnership is to improve the consultation with the private sector in the implementation of the FLEGT VPA.

The aim of this mission

The aim of this mission was to consult the private operators to obtain feedback from the first diagnoses of legality and to evaluate the difficulties of interpretation of the grids of legality, in order to propose suggestions for improvements.

Another objective was to prepare companies for the forthcoming deployment of the SIVL by assessing the current capabilities of companies for the collection and capture of production and traceability data.

The experts also carried out an initial analysis of the non-conformity management manual in preparation for the validation workshop scheduled for 12 July.

This mission also helped the union Unibois in the management of its project to re-read texts for the application of the future forestry code.