ATIBT relaunches its working groups and commissions


In order to be as close as possible to the realities of the field and the stakes of the sector, ATIBT is surrounded by thematic working groups, on a voluntary basis.
The groups are defined as follows :

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council, which brings together leading scientists from the sector, both members and non-members of ATIBT.

The objectives of the Scientific Council are :
advising, guiding and supporting the decision-making of the ATIBT General Management and Board of Directors.
contribute to scientific rigor in the scientific approaches and projects of ATIBT
disseminate research findings to ATIBT members

The Commissions

The Commissions, which bring together the members of the association, sometimes with external speakers, who wish to contribute to the reflection on the main themes of the sector. The marketing commission is already very active, but ATIBT restarts its other commissions.

These Commissions are :
Marketing Commission: Coordinator Christine Le Paire
Logistics Commission : Coordinator Didier Raux
Timber material & Normalization Commission: Coordinator Patrick Martin
Training Commission: Coordinator Patrick Martin
Forest & Transformation Commission : Coordinator Jacqueline Lardit-van de Pol
Certification Commission: Coordinator Caroline Duhesme

The first meeting of the Training Commission will take place on July, 12th 2017 in Nogent-sur-Marne at 9 am.

The Marketing Commission, already constituted, will hold its 2nd meeting on next June, 8th in Nogent-sur-Marne at 10 am.