ATIBT and forest plantation or agroforestry initiatives


Along with ONFI, ATIBT has launched, at the end of 2016, a reflection on the themes of forest plantations.

The aim of this work

The aim of this work, co-financed by ONFI and ATIBT, is to seek the synergies existing between forest companies and forest plantation activities, or agroforestry. Between Congo Basin and West Africa, the situation of countries is very different, but it is important to « look far » and to open the way to other solutions to guarantee the resource in the long term.

This topic was also discussed at the Dubai forum, and gave rise to interesting exchanges.

After 6 months, this work, which was entrusted to Clément Chevignon, will lead in June to a synthesis which will raise the existing difficulties and blockages, and propose lines for thought to companies likely to be interested by this type of action.


Workshop on awareness to agroforestry of UNEMAF members in Côte d’Ivoire on 24 May

The workshop was organized by Tranchivoire, member of ATIBT, in collaboration with the Syndicate of Timber Producers (SPIB).

The company Tranchivoire and the chocolate producers of Côte d’Ivoire want to promote agroforestry by replanting old cocoa plantations. The purpose of this reforestation system is to provide shade for cocoa plants, to improve productivity and to reduce deforestation in the country.

Specifically, the workshop aimed to explain the concept of agroforestry and its adoption in order to encourage the signing of an agreement between Tranchivoire, chocolate industrials and planters. This event brought together the players in the main sectors involved in the timber industry and in all types of agriculture, mainly in cocoa crops, both members and non-members of UNEMAF.

The workshop was held on Wednesday 24 May 2017 at UNEMAF Headquarters in Abidjan. A more complete report will be released.


See the reference terms of the agroforestery workshop (in French)