World Congress on Agroforestry in 2019 in Montpellier


Organized by CIRAD and INRA with Agropolis International and Montpellier University of Excellence, the fourth World  Congress on Agroforestry will be held from 20 to 25 May 2019 in Montpellier (France).


« Agroforestry: Strengthening links between science, society and policy »


Hosted successively in the USA, Kenya and India, the world agroforestry congresses take place every 5 years. This year it will be held in Montpellier on the theme « Agroforestry: strengthening links between science, society and public policies« , to reconcile research and public policies.


Experts from around the world will address data from developing and developed countries, with special attention given this year to vulnerable countries and populations.


Among the main themes, climate change, poverty alleviation and food security, biodiversity conservation, eco-certification, agroecology and ecosystem services, business … many issues and challenges in which ATIBT and all its members are involved.


Field-based sessions and a variety of post-congress field trips will be available for delegates.


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© Cirad, F. Pinard. In Kenya, intensive coffee plantations have been exhausted for want of expensive fertilizer. Farmers, forced to diversify their production, have introduced trees into their crops.