Fair&Precious is now on Facebook!



We have the pleasure to announce that the brand Fair&Precious is now on Facebook!


As part of the development of our collective brand Fair&Precious, launched the past 8th of November 2017 at the Tropical Agronomy Paris Campus, we decided to be more present on social media so that we could reach a wider and more diversified target.


Through this Facebook account, we want to change people’s minds of tropical woods, and raise the actual and future generations’ awareness about the environmental challenges related to the preservation of the tropical forests. We also want to emphasize our concessionaire’s good practices in forest management so we can stop spreading stereotypes that discredit the sector’s image and misunderstand its essential role in the preservation of our tropical forests’ value.


The purpose of our presence on Facebook is to have a more regular contact with everyone who’s interested in tropical woods, even the non-specialists, and to gather feedbacks in order to face off all the brand’s challenges. Our intention is to create a direct dialogue with you, and to share our vision, values and commitments. To display the sincerity of our approach and raise awareness about the major importance that represent the tropical forests in our world especially in our current world that is in the grip of global warming and our natural resources degradation.



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