Report of the Legal Source workshop organised by NEPCon in Libreville


Last Thursday 9 March, after 3 days of auditor training, NEPCon has terminated its trip to Gabon with an informative workshop about their wood legality certificate Legal Source.

NEPCon organised an informative workshop on their wood legality certificate Legal Source, last Thursday 9 March. NEPCon, which is a Danish non-governmental organisation, has about twenty legally registered entities around the world, like for example NEPCon Africa, which is based in Ghana. NEPCon Africa works both on forestry and agriculture certification.

The Legal Source certificate is entirely based on the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), and especially on due diligence, to which one of the two components of the standard is completely dedicated.

The (forestry, industry or commercial) companies are responsible to put in place themselves their due diligence system and decide themselves about their certificate coverage. This means that the company can decide whether to certify only a product, a wood species or a permit, or to certify all of their permits and products.

The director of the Eastern Asia certification department participated as well, which was an advantage for the Asian owned companies who attended the workshop in large numbers.