Training in the recognition of species at Cameroon Customs


At the request of forestry companies, PPECF financed the C167 intervention consisting in the training of 15 Cameroonian customs officers by ATIBT.

The training was held at the former Customs Directorate in Douala from 7 to 10 October 2019. The program of this training included:

  • an introduction to anatomy to control the species declared from 30 of the most frequently encountered wood samples on the market,
  • exchanges on the definitions of processing levels and measurement methods for sawn timber, squared timber, plots and logs.

This intervention will end with the drafting of a practical guide for field officers containing the main information essential for screening officers.

The Cameroonian Customs Administration congratulated this intervention and affirmed its willingness to strengthen the knowledge of this profession and potentially set up a laboratory to draw up minutes.

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