A new member of ATIBT: welcome to Fritz Offermann KG !

Fritz Offermann KG was founded in 1961 in Oldendorf - Getmold, Germany. Today, Fritz Offermann KG continues to operate as a medium-sized, second-generation family business and has become one of the leading importers and traders of wood in Germany. The company is able to meet virtually all requirements in terms of quantity and quality.

The company obtains round timber and sawn timber from suppliers all over the world.

13 modern drying kilns ensure that the wood is dried under the best possible conditions.

The company has approached the ATIBT to learn about the latest developments in the tropical timber sector in the CEMAC region, and considers that it has a responsibility, like everyone else, to protect our ecosystem and ensure social justice, especially in emerging markets.

Therefore, Offermann expects to become a member of the ATIBT by (1) receiving up-to-date information on the supplier countries from which to source, new laws and guidelines on logging and processing, (2) getting in touch with certified suppliers, (3) participating in projects focusing on the legal trade of timber from the CEMAC region, (4) participating in training courses to implement EU requirements and (5) improving its own activities with regard to the import of certified tropical timber.

With its application for membership, the company attaches its EUTR dossier usually sent to its customers, stating that it is committed to purchasing only legal and/or certified timber.

The company is COC certified by FSC.


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