Miro Forestry joins ATIBT

Welcome to Miro, an international plywood manufacturing company, now a member of the Association.

Miro is an international plywood manufacturing company with its own FSC certified plantations. The head office and parent company are in the UK. Since 2010, the company has planted approximately 20,000 hectares of FSC-certified fast-growing hardwoods in its two main countries of operation, Ghana and Sierra Leone. These plantations are the raw material for the group's plywood mills, which produce a range of technical and aesthetic hardwood plywoods that are exported internationally.

Miro states that all plywood is made from FSC-certified wood and the group only sources wood from legal/certified sources.

Miro's objective in joining the ATIBT is to reach out to stakeholders interested in sustainable wood. Miro wants to use this membership to increase brand and business awareness in West Africa.

Miro Forestry


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