Welcome to aDryada joining the ATIBT

We welcome aDryada to our association. ATIBT is also a member of aDryada and of its Board of Directors.

The Company aDryada develops, operates and finances large-scale (> 50 000 ha) nature-based projects (reforestation, land restoration, mangroves, wetlands…) all over the world with a major ambition: having a tangible impact on biodiversity, climate and people’s living conditions, because the three go together.

To reach this goal the company has developed an innovative and efficient business model based on high-end sequestration carbon credits. It unlocks large-scale investments and generates long-term financial flows for stakeholders and partners aDryada works with (governments, leading global financial institutions, corporations, public and non-profit organizations, local private actors, communities).

As a co-founder of the Organization for Biodiversity Certificates (OBC), aDryada aims to further increase the value of nature-based solutions projects thanks to the deployment of biodiversity certificates at international level.




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