Press release: the "Andoung project", Rougier Gabon's low-carbon solution

On March 14th, the International Tropical Timber Technical Association (ATIBT) hosted a webinar in collaboration with the International Wood Products Association (IWPA).

Crédit photo : Rougier Gabon

Rougier Gabon, which has been operating in the responsible forest management sector since 1952, announces that it has launched the "Andoung Project" in response to a dual imperative: that of improving the living conditions of its employees and their families, while taking into consideration the importance of limiting its carbon footprint.

Indeed, the "Andoung Project" consists in housing employees on site no longer in living bases but rather in advanced mobile camps, thus enabling the families of those concerned to settle in nearby villages or towns to benefit from the conveniences of modern life (easier access to schools, the Internet, banking services, stores, health centers/hospitals). By advanced mobile camp, Rougier Gabon means sustainable housing, built from local wood and powered by solar energy, deployed when a site is opened in the forest for the duration of the exploitation of a plot or several plots.

The choice of name for the project was inspired by the name of the tropical wood species most widely used for the occasion - Andoung - in addition to other local wood resources such as Okan, which, due to its high density and natural durability (Class 5 according to the CIRAD - Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement - technical data sheet) will be used to make the pilings and load-bearing structures for the housing. Also according to CIRAD, Andoung is renowned not only for its good peeling and slicing properties, but also for its good resistance to assembly (nailing and screwing). The species also has all the technical characteristics needed to build frameworks, manufacture plywood (face, back and interior) and panelling, as well as all other interior joinery products (beds, chairs, tables, interior staircases, etc.).

"The Andoung Project illustrates a strategic choice for our company, in line with Axis 5 of our CSR policy, which urges us to act in an eco-responsible low-carbon approach, with the firm determination to change our practices to limit our impact on climate change," says Stéphane JAFFRET, Managing Director of Rougier Gabon. "'Andoung' thus enables us to improve the living conditions of our employees in a sustainable way, in addition to investing in skills development and training for young people."

Indeed, this project is being implemented by Rougier Gabon's Construction Department team, whose initial mission has been reviewed. Initially set up to carry out conventional repair and maintenance tasks, the department set about building 3 pilot homes, based on a transfer of conventional carpentry skills. Its 23 skilled workers, occupying positions ranging from carpentry and painting to plumbing and electricity, are currently being put to work fine-tuning the project and taking it into phase 2 of execution, as soon as the team is reinforced. Launched in the 2nd half of last year, the "Andoung Project" is scheduled for completion in 2026. Illustrating Rougier Gabon's firm commitment to environmentally-friendly construction practices, particularly for the benefit of its employees in this case, the "Andoung Project" will serve as a model project for the construction of other advanced mobile camps for the company's 3 other forest concessions.




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