Democratic Republic of Congo- PIREDD Mai-Ndombe


A CAFI-funded project led by the Forest Investment Programme Coordination Unit of the MEDD under the supervision of the World Bank. The FRM/Wildlife consortium is the delegated contracting authority.

Activities in 2019

  • 4 open Territory bases , equipped and staffed: Kutu, Inongo, Kiri and Oshwe.
  • 130 communities supported in planning the development of their land and the management of their natural resources
  • 34 terroirs have benefited from agricultural support to reduce their pressure on the forest environment.
  • More than 500 ha of cassava-acacia plantations planted in savannah, 34 woodlots installed and 32 oil palm nurseries set up for the planting of nearly 700 ha in 2020
  • Diagnosed Provincial Highway Emergency Plan Thrusts and Proposed Response Plan
  • Plant-management mechanism and operational recourse

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