Company coaching process towards private certification


The main objective of the Program to promote certified forest harvesting (PPECF) project is to accompany non-certified companies towards a legality certification and then possibly towards a more demanding sustainable management certification but more easily marketable on the European and Asian market.

Certification in the Congo Basin :

Key figures for certification in the Congo Basin:

  • 4.8 million ha certified for sustainable management
  • 6.6 million ha certified legal

The PPECF coaching tool :

The PPECF is under the management of the Executive Secretariat of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC), with funding from KFW. The Programme is implemented by the consortium made up of Eco-consult and Oréade Brèche. It covers 5 countries: Cameroon, Gabon, DRC, Republic of Congo and CAR.

Several phases:

  • a preliminary diagnosis which allows to draw up an action plan and to define a minimum budget to reach the targeted certification .
  • The implementation of the action plan: the company chooses a consulting support office to accompany it in its certification objective. It ensures the assumption of responsibility for 50% of the costs of the action plan that it implements under the supervision of the Program.

To date, the consultancy firms recognized by the Programme are :

Terea France Terea Gabon Terea Cameroun
78 la Canebière
13001 Marseille
+33 (0)491 941 539
BP 831 – Batterie IV –
Gros Bouquet II
+241 (0)11 44 34 94
Quartier BASTOS
237 90 17 37 94
FRM Ingénierie FRM Gabon FRM RDC
Espace Fréjorgues Ouest –
60 rue Henri Fabre- 34130 Mauguio France
+33 (0)4 67 20 08 09
Fax +33(0)467200812
Immeuble Filao B, BP 4568, Libreville 503 Immeuble Infinity Center,
17 avenue Pierre Mulele
Gombe – Kinshasa RDC
+243 82 692 50 25
Nos domaines d’intervention

60 avenue André Roussin, 13 016 Marseille +336 98 17 66 22 |

Mail :

Mobile: 0032/472.42.78.42

Skype: live:Berenice.castadot_3

Alexandre Boursier :

Ugo Lapointe :

Company interest

Following the statement of its President dated 26 September 2018, Gabon is showing great interest in the offer of support from PPECF. Thus, the companies SOMIVAB, SBL, BSO, TTIB, ASI, SEEF, Bordamur Gabon, Toujours vert, GWI and Bonus Harvest have committed to collaborate with PPECF.

In the Republic of Congo five companies have initiated the process: ASIA Congo, SIFCO, Likouala Timber, Rougier Mokabi and SEFYD.

In Cameroon, two companies have expressed interest: DINO&FILS and SOBOCA.

In DRC, two companies have expressed interest (IFCO and CFT).

In the Central African Republic two companies have expressed interest: TIMBERLAND and SEFCA. The diagnosis of the latter took place in July 2018, she is currently accompanied by FRMi since April 2019.

A word from PPECF :

« The operational advice and recommendations that form the basis of the Action Plan are always well received and accepted by companies. The structured and precise reports allow the company to have a clear vision of its level and readable information on the main failures in relation to the requirements of the legality or sustainable management reference frameworks. Nevertheless, there is a discrepancy between the number of companies that are diagnosed and those that actually pass the coaching stage. This situation can be explained by several obstacles: too high a level (investment, human resources), requirements in terms of reputation analysis, PPECF funding focused on technical support, which only represents 25 to 30% of the total cost of implementing the Action Plan. The presence of referees in each country is a real advantage for the programme and ensures a direct and permanent link with the company ».

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Coordinator Romain Lorent

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