Welcome to our new member : Baillie Lumber (United States)



Baillie Lumber is one of North America’s largest hardwood lumber manufacturers, distributors, import and exporters. Baillie is a provider of hardwoods logs, hardwood lumber and proprietary grade hardwood lumber products. Founded in 1923 by James A. Baillie, Baillie has grown from a regional supplier of hardwoods to an international hardwood manufacturer that can ship hardwood lumber to any region of the world. Baillie’s hardwood manufacturing facilities are spread North to South in the Eastern United States. Its partner mills and suppliers in the US and internationally supplement its own hardwood manufacturing capabilities and give to Baillie a breadth of specie availability unmatched by other hardwood manufacturers. With a sales staff strategically located throughout the US an dinternationally, Baillie is well positioned as a leading hardwood lumber suppliers.


Why did you decide to re-join ATIBT?


baillie-logo-master« We are re-joining ATIBT as we do not see another organization that better represents our African partner sawmills in the industry. With legality and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do and stand for, it is now more important than ever for our knowledge of African timber production to be the very best and for our relationships with our suppliers as strong as possible, we believe ATIBT will be a great asset for accomplishing these goals. »


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