Professional training: GPEEC training and coaching process


As part of the activities of the ADEFAC project (Support for the Development of Continuing Education in the Forestry and Timber Sector in Central Africa) for the year 2021, four forecast management of staff, jobs and skills training sessions were held in Gabon and Cameroon during the month of October 2021, as well as in Congo and DRC during the month of November/December 2021, for the benefit of some big forestry companies that are members of ATIBT.

Human Resources managers, unit managers, planning and certification managers, were thus trained in forecasting and operational management of the company's human capital. The training consultant Thierry Laplanche underlined the existence of a good group dynamic and of motivated and committed participants.

A remote coaching of the learners is planned within the framework of this training to accompany the beneficiaries in the implementation of the training's assets in their working environments. 5 half-days of assistance per company can be distributed according to a schedule validated in advance.

The different participants have already been contacted by the EET to identify their coaching priorities and their availability, and some have already sent responses. The participants will be followed by the consultant trainer Thierry Laplanche to implement their HRM improvement projects. It is however desirable that their General Management be briefed on conduct of the forecast management of staff, jobs and skills training and its importance in the company's performance.

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