Main results of the training of SME actors of the forestry-wood sector in Congo


The results of the training of SME-VSE actors in the forestry-wood sector in Congo are encouraging in a context that requires adaptation to the multiple transformations that the forestry sector is undergoing in the Congo Basin countries.

Photo of the SME-VSE training in Congo

The training mission for SME-VSE actors that took place in Brazzaville from February 21 to March 11, 2002 was the last in a series of four missions (the other three took place in the DRC, Cameroon and Gabon).

SMEs and VSEs in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire benefited from capacity building in the integration of the training function in their management approaches.

The SWOT analysis of the artisanal wood processing sector in Congo reveals:

  • An excellent and abundant forest resource,
  • A raw material wood easily available and of good quality,
  • A network of artisanal enterprises with a fairly good technical level,
  • A real dynamic of young entrepreneurs,
  • Three clusters of wood enterprises supported by a EU project,
  • The FONEA positioned as a project manager for qualification training,
  • The CCIAM* and the CEFA** wish to position themselves in the continuous training sector,
  • A local market limited in volume,
  • The origin of the wood is unknown with recurrent difficulties for dry wood,
  • A recurrent problem of repair and sharpening,
  • Associations lack legal and technical support,

                                                                                       Photo of the SME-VSE training in Congo

Some strategic orientations suggested by the consultants:

  • Strengthen the offer of continuous training via training organizations, structure and organize a continuous training service in each CEFA and train trainers in pairs (professionals/teachers),
  • Train professionals and teachers in the pedagogy (andragogy) of continuing education,
  • Include the CCIAMs, federations and associations in the diagnosis of needs (prescription) and the evaluation of skills,
  • Coach and accompany clusters to secure the implementation of shared equipment.


CCIAM* = Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts

CEFA** = Work-linked education and training centre

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