“GPEEC” at the heart of the ADEFAC project


To improve company performance, RIFFEAC and ATIBT provide forestry companies in the Congo Basin countries with methods and tools for the forecast management of staff, jobs and skills (GPEEC).

GPEEC in forestry companies since 2021

Since 2021, forestry companies in the Congo Basin countries have benefited from support to improve the management and monitoring of their internal skills. These industrial companies employ a large number of people who are monitored by human resources management (HRM) departments, but the training function is poorly integrated and the practices of forecast management of staff, jobs and skills (GPEEC) are almost non-existent.


What is GPEEC?

GPEEC, or forecast management of staff, jobs and skills, is a human resources management (HRM) technique based on anticipating the management or restructuring needs of companies and implementing HR policies adapted to these needs. It allows for better control of hiring, departures and employee training.


In Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and DRC, 64 people were trained from 28 companies, as follows:

  • A two-day face-to-face session with content based on the concepts of GPEEC, the problems encountered by participants on a daily basis, and on examples and case studies from their companies.
  • A post-training thematic coaching adapted to the individual needs of the companies and at distance according to the themes chosen by the learners.


Relevance of adopting GPEEC by industrial companies in the wood sector

The human resources of these companies generally have an essentially administrative function. Training is therefore often integrated in response to recurrent technical needs directly impacting production, environmental quality and/or work safety aspects or when it is proposed by equipment suppliers. Training is then done in a more or less informal way, at the workstation.

Most of these companies only develop training plans when they are involved in a certification process, of which they are one of the conditions. Training is then directly managed by the internal departments in charge of certification, and is too rarely linked to the company's overall strategy and HR departments.

However, GPEEC means managing the company's human capital beyond the mere administration of staff, by focusing on jobs and professional skills in anticipation of the objectives that the company has set itself (reduction or increase in production, development of a new activity, etc.).

The GPEEC allows to make a state of play of jobs and staffs, and then, over periods of three years, to define training plans, to project staff needs, as well as the most appropriate recruitment plans, taking into account the company's strategy and its business model. It also enables the implementation of career paths within each sector or between sectors.

Training in GPEEC, for an HR manager or a unit manager (head of a forestry or industrial site), means reinforcing his or her analytical, forecasting and operational management skills, based on a proven approach and innovative tools.


Effects/Impacts of the GPEEC training on the performance of forestry companies

  • Professionalization of the HR departments of forestry companies by equipping them with knowledge, tools, methods and know-how that can be directly transposed to the different professional contexts; and thus participate in the achievement of the strategic objectives of the companies;
  • Better integration of the training function (construction of a training policy; clarification of the company's strategic evolutions; development of internal processes for the identification of skills needs; choice, planning, organization and management of training, etc.).

The ADEFAC project is financing a final GPEEC training in Congo from 5-9 December 2022. There are still a few places available for this training. Any forestry and/or industrial company wishing to benefit from this training can contact the project team ( no later than Thursday, November 10.

For readers who are not yet familiar with the ADEFAC project: this project to support the development of a continuous training offer in the forestry-wood sector in Central Africa started in 2020 and will end on December 31, 2024. It is financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) through a grant contract with the Network of Forestry and Environmental Training Institutions in Central Africa (RIFFEAC). The project is implemented by ATIBT through a contract of delegation of project management between RIFFEAC and ATIBT, and with technical support from the consortium Oréade-Brèche and Egis-Forhom.

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