Press review: COP15 on Biodiversity ended on Monday 19 December 2022


COP15 on Biodiversity ended this Monday in Montreal. Here is a non-exhaustive press review of the articles published on the subject in the international press.

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Biodiversité: Plus de la moitié du PIB mondial dépend de la nature - Saving biodiversity will not happen without them. Major cause of the problem, by their destruction of the ecosystems, the companies are also essential to reverse the tendency because the public money will not be enough. They have in their hands the greening of the economy. (Trends)

Biodiversité : la COP15 s’achève sur un accord surprise - The Chinese presidency of the conference took the negotiators in Montreal by surprise, resulting in a relatively ambitious agreement in the middle of the night. (Le Point)

Cop15: historic deal struck to halt biodiversity loss by 2030 - Agreement on ’30 by 30’ target forced through by Chinese president, ignoring objections from African states. (The Guardian)

La biodiversité, à la fois victime et outil de lutte contre le réchauffement climatique - After the COP27 on climate change, representatives from around the world met in Montreal for the COP15 on Biodiversity, with a new challenge: to approve a roadmap to safeguard nature by 2030. This is a crucial issue, say scientists, especially for the major role that biodiversity plays in the fight against climate change, even though it is one of the first victims. (France24)

FSC at COP 15: Highlighting Forest Stewardship as a Biodiversity Solution - FSC International participated in the second phase of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. (FSC)

COP15 : au-delà des promesses, le combat n’est pas gagné sur la biodiversité - More than 190 countries, gathered on Monday at the COP15 in Montreal, have reached a historic agreement to try to stop the destruction of biodiversity. But without a binding mechanism, many of the commitments made are likely to remain unfulfilled.


Some LinkedIn posts about the COP15

Comité français de l’UICN : On December 12 and 13, Florence Clap, Biodiversity Policy Program Officer, participated in the business forum of the COP15 Biodiversity in Montreal.

Wildlife Conservation Society : WCS's Joe Walston spoke yesterday at the UN Biodiversity Conference to remind governments why we are here: CoP15 could be the catalyst for a renaissance for nature.

UN Biodiversity : Nations adopt four goals, 23 targets for 2030 in landmark UN Biodiversity Agreement.

Actu-Environnement : The issue of the exploitation of genetic resources is postponed to COP16

Global Environment Facility : During the CBD COP 15 on Wednesday, 14 December, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, CEO and Chair, Global Environment Facility (GEF), facilitated a discussion with countries and institutions involved in the conservation of primary forests and their multiple ecosystem services.