Competence approach training for wood sector experts


The ADEFAC project gives the opportunity to different experts of the forestry-wood sector to be trained on the andragogy approach (adult training)  and the skills approach.

You are interested in vocational training in Central Africa and you work with adults in a work situation, in companies or in training centers ? You are a professional in a forestry or wood industry and you would like to transmit your knowledge and know-how by becoming a trainer in continuous professional training?

Join the ADEFAC project!

The ADEFAC project aims to support the development of a continuous professional training offer for companies and professionals in the forestry and wood industry.

Between April and June 2023, training sessions for trainers will be organized in Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and DRC. At the end of these training sessions, the trainers will be supported in the construction and testing of continuing professional education modules for companies and professionals.

Download the training sheet

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