Welcome to our new member : Exott (Belgium)



Founded in December 2010, the company EXOTT supplies wood from Africa and Europe. Both partners, Mr. Tim Van Cauwenberghe and Mr. Tarik Hodzic, have been active in the timber sector since 1997. Thanks to special agreements with forest owners and sawmills in Africa and Europe, EXOTT can offer a full range of products. All transports are made directly from Africa and Europe to the customer with break bulk and container shipments.


Why did you decide to join ATIBT?


EXOTT_logo_def« There are many challenges in the processing, trade and promotion of African timber. EXOTT decided to join ATIBT because we believe that collaboration within a professional organisation is necessary for the whole timber industry. We hope to participate actively to the continuous dialogue between all stakeholders gathered in ATIBT. »

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