Welcome to our new member : Lumber (Portugal)



Specializing in the logging and distribution of Brazilian timber (lumber and exterior deck), Lumber started its activity in 2008 with investments in industry and storage in Pará-Itaituba, Brazil, where it now owns two Luxor Timber companies.



Last year, it expanded in Portugal to have a storage facility of 4,000 m3. Its factory and warehousing are located 9 miles from the A7, in São Pedro de Rates, easily accessible via the road network.


Based on a staff with 20 years of experience in the timber industry, Lumber has the resources and the capacity to adapt to market sensitivity and to fill the supply gap in South America to the rest of the world.


The company has worked to promote the legality of tropical timber on an ethical basis and to develop cordial relations and mutual trust with customers and suppliers. Thus, the attention paid to the needs of the customers guarantees at all times both the legal sourcing and the quality of the timber, as well as a real service.


Why did you decide to join ATIBT?

Logo Lumber« I studied forest engineering in Portugal (UTAD) and I have known the ATIBT for a long time. I then studied INPA in Manaus and have worked in Brazil since 2000 in the trade of tropical timber and in tropical forest industry. Even if the majority of our clientele is based in France and Belgium, as the manager of a Brazilian company importing tropical timber, I must try to change the mentality of the buyers of tropical timber in the Iberian Peninsula. ATIBT is our best representative, although it is less active in Brazil than in Africa. « 

Gabriel Torres da Costa

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