GFBC : traceability for everyone, with a mobile app!


Our partner, the Cameroon Forestry Industry Group (GFBC), has just completed the implementation of a forestry traceability pilot project using mobile technologies.


This project, which has received financial support from FAO under the FAO-EU FLEGT program, has enabled the development and operationalization of simplified, user-friendly and effective tools for monitoring the timber supply chain. As an illustration, anyone interested can now download the timber track mobile app on google store to find out the origin of logs from the logging companies participating in this initiative.


How does it works ? Participating logging companies record their production data in a central database. Data from the tree stump (with its GPS position) and log data are linked by a unique number, which is recorded at each production stage from logging to logs transporting. The number is also stored in a bar code that is attached to the logs. When someone scans the barcode with one’s mobile phone, the tree is displayed on a map of Cameroon and the application gives access to information about the origin of the tree.


The project was implemented between September 2016 and May 2017 with technical support from PROSYGMA, a specialist in the field of wood traceability systems. Four pilot forestry companies participated in the project. A next phase will soon begin to increase the number of participating companies to 7 and also integrate the data of the products debited.


Result of displaying a geo-referenced tree in the application
Labeling with barcodes on all logs in addition to the usual marking (Pallisco Park in Mindourou)


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